Boi Facts

~The first boi I ever kissed was Chaye Kabelia. He lived across the street from me. He was seven and I was six. He was a biracial boi and taught me what french kissing was.

~The biggest age difference between myself and someone I've kissed is six years, eleven months, twenty-one days. (He was older, duh)

~My senior year I had a fling with a castmate from the school play. I later found out he was only thirteen.

~I have dated a Rude Boy, a Mansonite, an Indie Band Guy, a Raver, and a few other assorted bois, but up to February of this year, never a Goth boi.

~Andrew (my current boi) is amazingly perky. I think he's the only perkygoth I've known to rival my level.

~I had my first date when I was fifteen. His name was Bryan Scott Crab and he was three days older than me. We went out twice.

~On my first date with a boi who had a car, I wore two pairs of tights (black over red... looked cool,) a Cure T-shirt (from the Wish album), a baggy black sweater, cutoff denim shorts, and a pair of black Converse sneakers circa 1983 that went halfway up my calves. Oh yeah, and a plum colored bra and Snoopy undies. (My God I can't believe I remember that!)

~In high school, I had a crush on the same boi from the end of my Freshman year to Graduation. His name was Matt Werry and he was tall, blond, played Soccer, and was the most hillarious person ever. (That was actually why I liked him.)

~The niftiest compliment a member of the opposite sex paid me? "You're like a cherry Jolly Rancher."

~As of 10:45 pm, October nineteenth, nineteen ninety-eight, I have been proposed to about forty seven times by twenty-eight people.

~Twenty-one of those people proposed in the summer of ninety-eight alone.

~I have kissed thirty-three bois.

~Only one name has ever been repeated abong the people I've kissed. Number Three: Bryan Scott Crabb (in May of 1993) and Number Ten: Bryan Willian Chargulaf (in July of 1997)

~I almost always have to make the first move.

Embarrassing Facts

~I once streaked an "established" neighborhood at one am and got bathed in light by someone's motion detector.

~I have a very large collection of "Cathy" books.

~When I went to Atlanta GA in the spring of 98, I picked up an accent that refused to leave. It was a Texas accent.

~I posses the single to "MmmBop"

~I own bowling shoes.

~I'm twenty-one years old and still don't know how to drive.

~My bra fell off during my high school graduation.

~I sleep with stuffed animals.

~I once called Loveline and got made fun of by Adam.

~Once, my answering machine accidentallly recorded a LARGE portion of a conversation in which I said some really raunchy stuff. It was my outgoing message for three days before I realized it had happened.

~I was reffered to as "Pat" my Freshman year because I had a really scary resemblance to the recurring Saturday Night Live character popularized by Julia Sweeny.

~I have a crush on Chris Kattan from Saturday Night Live (Azrael Abys, one of the Roxbury guys, Mango, Mr Peepers)

~I went to a New Kids On The Block concert when I was thirteen. (Brought my walkman and Depeche Mode tapes with me in the car though ;-) )

Useless Facts

~My feet measure exactly eight inches long and three inches wide.

~I wear SPF 50 on a daily basis because I burn extremely easy.

~I'm roughly twenty pounds higher than ideal for my height.

~I almost got suspended a few times in high school. A few reasons? Hiting a football player in the gut, kicking a guy in the crotch, and refusing to pray. (It was a Catholic school.)

~I once failed an assignment in my New Testament class at age sixteen because we were asked to write a paper giving our opinion on Lewis Carrol's quote: "Jesus was either Lord, Liar, or Lunatic," I said he was all three. Apparently we weren't to have any opinion that didn't specifically state one of the three. Damn freethinkers.

~My sophomore year in high schoool, I was voted "Most Likely To Be A Crazed Psycho Killer"

~My Senior year, I was rumored to have won "Most Likely To Host Their Own Talk Show" (ala Jerry Springer), "Most Likely To Dye Their Hair Purple", and "Most Likely To Greet With A Hug".

~I was the "joke" candidate for Homecoming royalty twice.

~I once created a homemade straightjacket and wore it to school for "Crazy Day" during Spirit Week. More than one person asked why I didn't dress up.

~I have a habit of making Rice Crispie treats all the time for no reason except to surprise someone.

~I do really good impressions of Keri Strug (the olympic gymnast), Jackie from "That Seventies Show", Anjelica from Rugrats and Joey on Dawson's Creek

~A little girl once came up to me and told me I was "too pretty to be in a CK ad"

~I've been known to run through tourist areas singing in Japanese.

~I do not speak Japanese.

~I own every Leisure Suit Larry computer game and have finished most of them.

~When I was 7-9, I wanted to be a career military woman. Combat boots and all. (I was a tomboy untill I lost my daddy...)

~I seriously wanted to be an opera singer from about 9-11. I sang all the time. It was after the Evil Choir Teacher From Hades (tm) Mrs Iris Padayachee told me not to bother singing that my spirit was broken. To this day, I get extremely panicky if someone hears me sing.

~The few that *have* heard me sing say I have a beautiful voice.

~I'm terrified of masks.

~An elderly woman once asked if I was a transvestite. I calmly looked her in the eye, unbuttoned my blouse, exposed my breasts, and shook my head.

~I wear a 36C

~I eat my mashed potatoes with Italian salad dressing, not gravy.

~I took three years of German in high school. (I've since forgotten most of it.)

~I once met Armin Schimerman (Quark from Deep Space Nine) at a Star Trek convention.

~I've been to three Star Trek conventions

~I'm currently considered homeless.

Fuming Facts (Or: Things That Piss Me Off)

~Websites that have a totally meaningless frontpage that doesn't do anything but "look cool". Unless the image is nifty and VERY quick loading.... pft!

~Along the same line.. webpages with no content. =p (I love my brother to death but gads! There's *NO* info at all about him on his page! Talk about pointless. =p)

~People who can't be on time. If you say "meet me at six" you'd damn well better be there by six.

~People who can't laugh at themselves.

~People who think it's "lame" to be silly

~People who think Goths are nothing but suicidal Manson worshippers. >=

~Random AOL twits that feel justified in Instant Messaging me and asking me to send them my picture, tell them who I am, etc., etc., then get pissed off when I tell them I don't want to chat with them. I got so fed up with it I blocked nearly everyone. =p

~I know this will sound bad, but I can't stand it when people sing out loud in public. If I'm sitting in the park reading in the shade, it's because I want to relax. If I wanted to hear music, (which these people rarely even pass for,) I'd bring my walkman and avoid hearing you sing "Ghetto Superstar". Maybe I should retailiate by singing "Bela Lugosi Is Dead" repeatedly at full volume in screeching earnesty next time?

~People who get offended at the last statement.

~Teenage boys who think that they have a chance at going out with me. (Sorry, I'm twenty - one, I'm not going to the prom. =p)

~When I'm upset about something and someone's first reaction is "is it that time of the month?"

~When I go to a restaurant and they serve my fod covered in salsa, cheese sauce, tomato stuff... if your food's so bad that you need to disguise the taste, try making it taste better instead of bathing it in crap.

~When bouncers think they're clever by pretending that my ID's fake.

~When people have to completely grope each other in public. I don't particularly care to see you feeling your girlfriend up when I'm out to dance.

~I know this one sounds strange, but I hate "obscene" phone calls that say nothing but "motherfucker".. jeez! If you're going to say "obscene" stuff, at least be creative. =p