with Suzie, AKA "Bootie Call" in Santa Rosa... and yes that IS a pink headband in my hair!

You Want A Damn Profile? You Got One!

NAME: That would be telling... besides, if you're looking at this page you probably already know it. =]

ONLINE ALIASES: Useless on newsgroups and Pollex Xi (Pole-ecks kris-tee)on the Arizona Goth Mailing List.. though these days I like Pollex Xi more.

BIRTHDATE: August Eighteenth, Nineteen Seventy-Seven

HEIGHT: About Five Foot, Two and a Half Inches

WEIGHT: Fluctuates around 140 but I look damn good anyway, thank you *very* much

HAIR: Long, long, long... thick, thick, thick... black, black, black... Usually worn down my back in curls, though I've been known to do Big Goffy Hair O' Doom on occasion. =]

EYES: Big, hazel, and capable of melting your heart at fifteen paces

SCARS: Two noticable ones, one on the back of my left shoulder and another on my left wrist, plus a few random other ones that you'll only see if I point out. (On places like my arm, under my knee, etc, too small for general notice.)

TATTOOS: None yet, but a couple in the works. Stitches on the scar upon my shoulder, and the words "SINNER" and "SAVIOR" entertwined on the small of my back.

PEIRCINGS: Most of mine have closed, so now I only have one in each ear (how boring!) but I plan on eventuallly having three in my right ear, two in my left, my third nipple peirced, and possibly my tongue.

LOCATION: Tempe, Arizona... transplanted from Northern California.

BEST FRIENDS: Bryan C., Jessica H., and Andrew O.

WORST ENEMIES: Whoever it was that hacked me... though I still don't know why.

BEST ONLINE FRIENDS: Oh damn.. too many to list! Dark Juliet, Toolbox 5, SenshiNeko, I think, would have to be the very top though...


Yes... that's me.. I do *not* generally get that extreme but I was trying to prove a point... though for the life of me I can't remember WHAT the Hell it was.... I figured if you read through all this treacle you deserved something to laugh at...

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