Okay, okay, okay... I've pretty much avoided doing a "goth" page so far because pretty much every goth on the 'net has a page defining it and how they relate and I really don't see a need to repeat everything that's been said before.


I figure it's only appropriate I put at least SOMETHING goth related on this page, hmmmm...?

I have a hard time explaining exactly *why* I consider myself Goth. I certainly don't fit most people's preconceived notion of one... (of course, very few actually do)

I'm WAY perky! I like making people laugh and don't really take most stuff too seriously. That's a good way to give yourself an ulcer and trust me, I *know*. I like to do silly things like carry sidewalk chalk and draw hopscotch courts when I get bored. (Hmm... maybe if I draw them in purple chalk in the shape of spiderwebs they'll be GAF! ;-)

To steal from a post I wrote to alt.gothic:

>Remember as a child seeing your first goth

Looking in the mirror?


I started snatching my brother's tapes when I was about ten. I wanted to grow up to look like either Siousxie or Snow White. I told my sister this and she seemd disgusted.

"If Snow White were real, she'd look dead. Unnatural, gross."

"I think she'd look pretty."

But I hid a lot of it for a looong time, and now I feel ashamed that I did. I denied a part of myself that I feel is integral to understanding me, and for that, I'm upset with myself.

But-- if you want to know about the first one aside from myself---

I was seventeen. Almost eighteen. My first all ages. I was wandering around the decrepit theater as my friend set up the stage and found myself face to face with a thin, pake, beautiful girl wearing black jeans, black T shirt and had the shiniest black hair I've ever seen to this day.

She looked me over and asked if I was a Libra... said I had the most incredible energy emanating from me and I had something special.

I smiled shyly and told her I was a Leo. She rattled off some Leo characteristics and told me I was still waiting to come out of my shell.

We went outside and she smoked a clove. We chatted a bit and decided we'd been burned at the stake together in past lives. (Giggle if you will, but at the time it seemed reasonable.)

Some random person outside said some crap about her and we went back inside.

She rolled her eyes and said something about idiots.. I can't remember what. I took off my sweater and she perked when she saw my much worn, much loved Cure shirt.

I think she was surprised.

We started talking about our favorite songs and she kept looking at me with a very sweet smirk like she was saying "I know something you don't know".

I guess maybe she did.

The next Monday, I sat in my art class fifth period while my teacher asigned us to paint the back of someone's head.

I went home and painted very simply a sleek head oof black hair against a red background. In dark blue lettering around the edge, were the words..

"This is Anne, she's 18, wears black lipstick, lives on F street, describes herself as "Goth" and says Cancers are annoying. I think she's cool"(1)

My teacher loved it. I still have it.

Hanging in my closet where only I can see.

I often wonder what happened to her.

(1)The fact that she was a Cancer made her than much cooler to me.

So that's a big part of it, I suppose...

...I go clubbing fairly often, though it's getting hard to get any joy out of my dancing since the drama factor is growing higher and higher every week. =[ I figure I'll cut down to the point that I rarely go because at least then I'll still be able to apreciate it.

I'm very excited about going to Convergence 5 this spring in New Orleans. I'm really hoping I can go... there are so many people I want to meet and from everything I've heard of past Convergences, it should definately be a time to remember.

If you want a REALLY good site for information on what Goth is and isn't, check out An Insider's Look For Outsiders maintained by Alicia Porter, who has really got to be commended for the amount of time and work she's put into it.

*shrug* As I put this page together, I'm wearing a little black tank dress, completely barefoot, in a room illuuminated only by three strands of Christmas lights hanging at the opposite end of the room, My hair (which is dyed jet black with blood red streaks scattered randomly throughout, giving it the appearance of a black cherry) hanging loosely down my back, and I'm listening to *gasp* Bob Dylan. I don't feel a need to be GAF (Goth As Fuck) 24 hours a day. I have a lot of other sides to who I am, and if I'm sitting here at 6 am, watching the sun come up outside my window, with no makeup, and feel like listening to Bob Dylan singing "Mr. Tambourine Man", well... more power to me. =]

Insert goth point earning picture of me looking angsty in a cemetery

Thank you. =]

Now insert 100% pure wholesome Americana goodness type picture of me with my beautiful little neice Natchan (as I call her... she's Natalie to everybody else).

Again, thank you, come again. =]

(Don't ask why I did that... I have no clue ;-) )