It was a pale and spooky night...

In the depths of #altgothic, two intrepid twenty-somethings known only as the_orchi and Useless were bantering on the mysteries of life and longing when the truth was revealed unto them.

Through the course of bad typing, the secret of the Glodfish was brought into the light!

Hence it became the practice for Useless and the_orchi to oke each other and poder the meanings behind the Glodfish's message.

Through Glodfish and poor typing, Salvation shall be yours!

Bow to the healing forces of the Might Glodfish who hath created the chosen in Impotant Creamy Goodness!


A miraculous event happened when the lady_del was enlightened with the spirit and was reborn as the RevegalistaDiva!

The RevengalistaDiva was put upon this Earth to spread the word of the Might Glodfish in hopes of furthuring the state of humanity and bagels everywhere!

It was decided that the movemento of the Might Glodfish had outgrown the stifling confines of #altgothic and #glodfish was started.

Within the freedoms of our new home, the intrepid followers described the ways to apppease the Might Glodfish that hath created us in such Impotance and found us worthy of her divine wisdom.


Orchid... one of the two founders of Glod and Official Lust Object, to be used for carnal pleasure by all
Useles... the other founder and Bitchop of Glod. The one whom our beloved Glodfish speaketh through.
Lady Delirium... the RevengalistaDiva, responsible for spreading the word of Glod and keeper of the Bible
Cheshire... member of the booty and faithfull devotee to the Cause!

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