Someday I Suppose, by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Yep... another song dealing with N8.

I loved him... I thought I'd spend my life with him.

Things didn't happen that way.

I think this song really sums up the confused feelings I went through during the time it took to get over him.

There was a place and the name of the place escapes me.

When I can't remember it irritates me.

Could be I can't remember could be I choose to not,

let's move the song along and try to find the plot.

There was a girl and I don't know her name either.

She gave me love and I said I'd never leave her.

If I did I'd come back someday and find her.

Maybe I will I should write down a reminder.

One day! one day who knows.

Someday! someday I suppose.

The more I sort it out the more it gets distorted.

I sort of think I'm better off just leaving it unsorted.

The more I try to change its course the more off course it goes.

Of course I'll reach my destination someday I suppose.

Sort it out, get distorted one day who knows.

Hide behind, unreported someday I suppose.