We all have them... the songs that have implanted themselves in our hearts and minds for reasons that maybe only we can understand.

Happy or sad, romantic or viscious, they affect us powerfully and are parts of us...

These are the lyrics to some songs that have grabbed me for one reason or another... complete with explanations to try and convey how much they mean to me...

Since this page is supposed to represent the diversity of the music I listen to... you won't find any gothy type lyrics here.... no Peter Murphy or Siousxie.... maybe I'll create another page for them someday. ;-)

I hope you enjoy them.


The Jam

Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
Going Underground
Just Who Is The Five O'Clock Hero?
Liza Radley
Thick As Theives
Town Called Mallice
When You're Young

Elvis Costello

All The Rage
All This Useless Beauty
The Other End (Of The Telescope)

The Pretenders

Brass In Pocket
Forever Young

Tori Amos

Mohamed My Friend
Precious Things
Putting The Damage On

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Someday I Suppose (Mighty Mighty Bostones)
A Sad Silence


The Boiler (Rhoda with the Special AKA)