Liza Radley, by Paul Weller


First things first.

To say this song is a favorite would be stating the obvious in a most inadequate way.

Simply put...

This song f***ing RAWKS!

The first time I heard it, I was lying on my bed, middle of a cool autumn night, lights out... reading Catcher In The Rye by candlelight.

I dropped the book in a fit of musical extasy and nearly set my damn room on fire.

I see so much of myself in this song... maybe that's why it touches me so deeply, but at any rate... I know I'd cry if I was told I could never hear it again.

If you've never heard this song... I highly recommend you head to the nearest Blockbuster music or other such place where you can preview the music before you buy it, find The Jam Collection CD and spin track 15.

That delicate guitar, the softly haunting notes of Paul's voice.. the achingly beautiful emotion of it all...

Just make sure you have the money to buy the disc afterwards because it grows on you fast. ;-)

I swear.. if there realy *was* a Liza Radley...

She was GAF! ;-)

Liza Radley - see the girl with long hair

See her creeping across summer lawns at midnight

And all the people in the town where we live

Say "she's not quite right"

She don't fit in with a small town

They just can't understand why she doesn't say much

But in her darkend room it's for their lives only

She cries

Liza Radley - see her jump through loneliness

Liza Radley - take me when you go

And as the people pass by - their heads in the air

Haunting with their noise - she recalls a lonely sigh

But no matter what they say in her mind

She knows their dream of life, they won't ever find

Liza Radley - I pledge myself to you alone

She'd kiss my face and say "Love means nothing at all"

She'd kiss my face and say "Life means nothing at all"