Just Who Is The 5 O'Clock Hero?, by Paul Weller

Hmm.. afraid I can't say too much enlightening wisdom on why I like this song... but I guess I can say that if I was ever to make a semi autobiographical movie about myself... this would most likely play during the closing credits...

It just reeks of life to me, I don't know...

Hello darlin' - I'm home again

Covered in shit and aches and pains

Too knackered to think so give me time to come round

Just gimme the living room beat to the TV sound -

My hard earned dough goes in bills and the larder

And that Prince Philip tells us we gotta work harder!

It seems a constant struggle just to exist

Scrimping and saving and crossing of lists -

From this window I've seen the whole world pass

From dawn to dusk I've heard the last laugh laughed

I've seen enough tears to wash away this street

I've heard wedding bells chime and a funeral march

When as one life finishes another one starts -

Alright then love so I'll be off now

It's back to the lunchbox and worker/management rows

There's gotta be more to this old life then this

Scrimping and saving and crossing of lists